Small Onion

Small Onion
Product Description

Benefits of Shallots (Onion).

1. Healthy Heart
Contains allicin that prevents the formation of blood clotsin the blood vessels which in a way reduces the risk of stroke.

2. Boosts Immune System
Helps to get your immune system to a strong level. Itstrengthens your efficiency and prevent diseases like flu, cold, and otherillness.

3. Manage blood pressure
Contains allicin which releases vasodilator type chemicalslike nitric oxide. This helps in lowering the blood pressure.

4. Prevents Cancer
Rich in vitamin A which is a very effective antioxidant whichhelps in the prevention of cavity and lung cancer.

5. Healthy Skin
Contains Sulphur which helps in making the skin younger andrejuvenated.

6. Control Diabetes
Allium and allyl disulfide found in Shallots haveanti-diabetic properties, helps to regulate the blood sugar levels.

7. Soothes Nerves
Various minerals and vitamins found in shallots, likepyridoxine can help maintaining low stress levels.

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